Song List

1, 2, 3, 4 - Alan Doyle

Another Midnight - Tragically Hip

Barrett's Privateers - Stan Rogers

Billy Peddle - Great Big Sea

Bold O’donahue - Fiddler's Green

Bully Boys - Alan Doyle

Captain Kidd - Great Big Sea

Chemical Worker’s - Great Big Sea

Cooley’s Reel - Trad.

Copperhead Road - Steve Earle

Dartmouth Town / 31 Days - Original

Devil’s Dance Floor - Flogging Molly

The Devil Went Down to Dublin - Charlie Daniels

Donkey Riding - Great Big Sea

Drunk Again - Scrum

Drunken Sailor - Trad.

Excursion Around the Bay - Great Big Sea

Finnegan’s Wake - The Celtic Connection

Flowers of Edinburgh - Trad.

Foggy Foggy Dew - Young Dubliners

Follow Me Up To Carlow - Young Dubliners

French Perfume - Great Big Sea

Galway Girl - Steve Earle

General Taylor - Great Big Sea

Goin’ Up - Great Big Sea

Haul Away Joe - Crofter's Revenge

Heave Away - The Fables

Home for a Rest - Spirit of the West

Ice on the Road - Trad.

If I Should Fall From Grace With God - The Pogues

I'll Tell Me Ma - Fiddler's Green

Irish Pub Song - The Rumjacks

I've Seen A Little - Alan Doyle

Jack Hinks - Great Big Sea

Joe's Jig - Crofter's Revenge

Jolly Butcher - Great Big Sea

Jolly Roving Tar - Great Big Sea

Killing Time - Scrum

Kilt Song - Scrum

Lanigan’s Ball - Fiddler's Green

Last Sask Pirate - Arrogant Worms

Lukey's Boat - Great Big Sea

Mainland - The Real McKenzies

Mari Mac - Great Big Sea

Mason’s Apron - Trad.

Morrison's Jig - Trad.

Old Black Rum - Trad.

Old Maui - The Dreadnoughts

Old Polina - Great Big Sea

The Old Sod - Spirit of the West

Ordinary Day - Great Big Sea

Paddy Murphy - Great Big Sea

Raggle Taggle Gypsy - Trad.

Rakes of Kildare - Trad.

Rasputin - Boney M

Red Haired Boy - Trad.

River Driver - Great Big Sea

Road to Lisdoonvarna - Trad.

Rocky Road to Dublin - Trad.

Run, Run Away - Great Big Sea

Scolding Wife - Fiddler's Green

Sea of No Cares - Great Big Sea

Shine On - Great Big Sea

Soldier's Joy - Trad.

South Australia - Crofter's Revenge

Star of the County Down - Fiddler's Green

Swallow Tail Jig - Trad.

Tudontonme - Trad

Under The Scotman's Kilt - Trad

When I’m Up - Great Big Sea

Whisky in the Jar - The Killdares